A Word from our President

On behalf of Team Solutions AGEman and on my own behalf, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the new website of our company.

I am particularly proud of the evolution of AGEman Solutions since its inception for 30 years now. Built around an idea – to provide a software solution for managing customers – the company has gradually established a dominant position in the industry distribution of financial products and services in Canada.

Today, the list of clients of AGEman Solutions reflects the depth of resources and products of the company: we can say that we work daily with the best in the industry!

This complicity with the most efficient prompted us to stay abreast of new technologies to provide optimal solutions to our customers.

Evolve with the best is the best antidote to laziness I know!

To serve this customer choice, I am surrounded by a team of experts who are each champions in their field of activity: application programming , web, systems architecture , graphic design , management, operational support , etc. .

I invite you to browse this site flipping its pages (web) as it passes through a travelitinerary: because our job is to provide you the best ways to achieve your businessgoals!

Good sales !

Nathan Carey – President

Our mission

The Solutions AGEman’s mission is to design and build software solutions dedicated to all actors in the distribution of financial products and services, primarily agencies and financial advisors.

This mission is based on building lasting relationships valuing respect, teamwork and authenticity.

Our vision

Be recognized as a leader in the industry of financial products and services distribution in design and production of management and business development software solutions.

Our values

This recognition is based on four key values​​: innovation, lasting partnership, teamwork and authenticity.


Innovation is at the heart of our lives. It proposes a systematic search of novelty, tool or method that will improve our customers’ business processes.


Sustainable partnership is the most effective way to grow both organizations. It is grounded in a shared commitment to develop more efficient and profitable ways of doing things.


Teamwork is a particularly effective research model solution if it is based on respect for differences and skills. We carefully cultivate this combination of talent and expertise to deliver optimal solutions our partners and customers.


Authenticity is a core value in which we express our personality and originality. It allows personal growth by maximizing the contribution to the shared project.

Our contribution

For nearly 30 years, AGEman Solutions has emerged as the most powerful software suite in distribution of financial products and services.

It is for this reason that more than two dozen agencies, among the most prestigious in Canada, have chosen to place their trust in AGEman suite for managing their back and frontoffice operations.

In the brokerage distribution in Quebec, nearly 7 out of 10 life insurance applications areprocessed with AGEman suite.

Societal responsibility

It is fundamental that our governance practices integrate the social, environmental and economic challenges of our environment.

So we want to establish long term partnerships with companies and organizations that share our commitment to work towards a society that values the development of people, environmental protection and economic efficiency.

Software suite

Our software suite is designed and optimized so that all components can work together. However, software can be used each independently. So you have the option to choose from either of our solutions while retaining the possibility of using other products.


The financial needs analysis application that turns compliance into business opportunities!

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REPman Action

Your virtual assistant to manage and  develop your customer relationship.

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AGEman Office

The software solution dedicated to operation management of life insurance agencies.

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AGEman Portal

AGEman Office in a few clicks of the mouse, wherever you are in the world!

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A bit of history!

Solutions AGEman accompanies the actors in the distribution of financial products and services in Canada for nearly three decades.

Initially, a multidisciplinary solution.

Logiciels Modulex was the starting point in 1987 this great adventure.

Founded by Daniel Brisson, the company will develop software for multidisciplinary database management (CRM), which integrates the needs of firms in life and property and casualty insurance. The software, written in DOS in 1991 is such a strength that is still used today by some agencies!

Pioneer in the field of back office software management for life and P&C insurance firms, the company quickly built a solid reputation in the Quebec market.

In 1994, Logiciels Modulex decided to concentrate its activities in life insurance and sells to a group of general insurance brokers, the APPUI group, rights of the management system in general insurance.

A life-changing meeting.

A meeting with Jean -Claude Hébert, the leader of BMO Nesbitt Burns in Quebec, was decisive for the future of things of Logiciels Modulex. Mr. Hébert mandates Logiciels Modulex to add additional functionality including a feature for the management of references.
he response in the market did not take long and other firms across Canada like Canaccord Financial Services and National Bank Financial Services decided to adopt the solution proposed by Logiciels Modulex.

In 1996, Logiciels Modulex reorganized to adapt its structure to its development and created AGEman Solutions, a corporation dedicated to the development of software used by firms in the management of their back office operations.

In the same period, the company develops for the Universitas Foundation of Canada, a platform for the management of Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). This platform will be sold a decade later to Industrial Alliance and is still used today.
In 1998, the company began to renew its software architecture and hired one who later became its president, Nathan Carey. The decision was taken to completely change the platform and rewrote the AGEman software. The first version of the Windows version of the back office software is launched in 2000.

A master stroke!

In 2001, Logiciels Modulex achieved a master stroke!

Indeed, a group of six master general agents (MGA)  among the largest in Quebec agree to review the funding structure of the software and at the same time demonstrating their interest in the long-term development of the software solution.

Over the years, Logiciels Modulex has extended its client list. It is one of these companies whose reputations as desirable as solid.

  • Assurance Banque Laurentienne
  • BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Canaccord Services Financiers
  • Centre Financier SFL Cité de Montcalm
  • Certika Financial Ltd
  • Edward Jones
  • Groupe financier AFL
  • Groupe Financier Multi Courtage
  • Johnson Insurance
  • Lafond Services Financiers
  • Mica Services Financiers
  • Paré Assurances & Services financiers
  • PMT ROY Assurances et Services Financiers
  • Pro Vie Assurances
  • Richardson GMP
  • Services financiers Banque Nationale
  • SSQ Cabinet de services financiers
  • Valeur mobilière Desjardins

These companies trust products because AGEman Solutions team has design simple and efficient software that uses platforms known for their stability and efficiency. These platforms are also those that are most used in the market. Maintenance is much easier that it is based on an experience of thousands of users who daily “test” performance.

Much more than just CRM software!

With its success in the design and development of back-office software, Logiciels Modulex naturally expanded its expertise in downstream product.

Given the willingness of clients who asked him a specific solution for managing customer relationship software, Modulex leaders have decided to create in 2005 REPman, a portfolio of products addressed specifically to financial advisor.

AGEman Solutions was then entrusted with the primary mandate to develop the REPman software and to graft all the features supporting the work of financial security advisor. This is much more than traditional CRM software!

Indeed, REPman comes in two parts: REPman Action and REPman FNA.

  • REPman Action which is a virtual assistant that integrates the functionality of a marketing system, electronic calendar, merge email, direct mail, notes, tasks and reminders. In addition, REPman Action hosts and secures databases online customers.
  • REPMan FNA is a software which allows analyzing the financial needs (ABF) customers on an electronic device that performs the calculations automatically and integrates them into active mode to client profile. This software not only manage compliance but transforms it into a business opportunity for the advisor!
An integrated software suite.

Today, Logiciels Modulex gradually gave way to AGEman Solutions, the company that develops and markets software solutions. Whoever designed all products AGEman Solutions, Nathan Carey, became the new president in the fall of 2013.

The founding president Daniel Brisson, passed the torch to his partner to pursue the creation of an innovative company that is now client of AGEman Solutions!

AGEman Solutions is now much more than a CRM software. It is an integrated suite of four components:

  • AGEman Office, a software solution dedicated to operation management of life insurance agencies.
  • AGEman Portal, a web platform that makes the information available in Office AGEman few clicks, from anywhere in the world!
  • REPman FNA, a financial needs analysis application that turns compliance into business opportunities!
  • REPman Action, a virtual assistant to manage and develop customer relationships.
Main Milestones :

1987Foundation of Logiciels Modulex par Daniel Brisson
1991Modulex software, a multidisciplinary solution is born
1994Logiciels Modulex concentrates its activities in life insurance
1997Server Windows client is created
2000AGEman Office becomes a Windows platform
2005REPman Action is launched
2006AGEman Solutions becomes a spinoff of Logiciels Modulex
2010REPman FNA is launched
2011Boutique UFC is launched
2012AGEman Portal is launched
2013Nathan Carey appointed president of AGEman Solutions