Ageman Office

The software solution dedicated to operation management of life insurance agencies.

AGEman OFFICE is a back-office software deploying Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). The architecture of the database clients (CRM) is the same as its corresponding front-office piece, the software REPman ACTION. AGEman OFFICE is specially designed for the management of insurance applications and service on inforce business.

We are actively working with Canadian Life Insurance EDI Standards (CLIEDIS) to harmonize our software solutions to CITS standards (Canadian Insurance Transaction Standardization) planned for the next five years.

(*) Fees are applicable

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

There are different formats for the exchange of electronic data. Some are automatic while others are manually updated by the data import module of AGEman Office. Some follow a standard , others not. In Canada, the standard is called CITS .

You will find the detailed list of companies that have submitted their test data feeds and have received approval from CLIEDIS that they meet the guidelines set out in the CITS implementation Guides.

Application (CITS pending feeds)

CITS pending feeds files are files that contain information of an application and the steps pending at the insurer. The insurer electronically sends an XML file on the server of AGEman Solution. These files are processed and the data is imported into the AGEman database. They are commonly produced daily to update all the applications that are in the underwriting process of the insurer. Electronic information is displayed in a tab “Data Insurer ” in the policy information.

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CITS Pending Case Data Feeds

  • BMO
  • Canada Life
  • Empire Life
  • IA Financial Group
  • Ivari
  • Manulife
  • RBC Insurance
  • SSQ Financial Group
  • Sun Life

CITS Base Policy Data Feed for eApp Notification

  • Assumption Life
  • Canada Protection Plan
  • Canada Life (Not standard)
  • Empire Life
  • Humania
  • Ivari
  • Manulife

To register, simply contact the technical support.

CITS Base Policy Data Feed for Inforce 

  • IA Financial Group
  • Manulife (Pilot project in progress)

CITS Inforce Data Feeds

  • BMO
  • Canada Life
  • Ivari
  • Manulife (Not standard)

Rémunération XML (Not CITS)

  • BMO
  • Humania
  • Manulife

Paramedical Orders

Paramedical orders are integrated in AGEman OFFICE . All updates to the file by the paramedical firm are synchronized to the AGEman folder. The user is able to follow the progress of the case: whether the nurse communicated with the client to know the date of the appointment and see the facts followed by the various players until the examination is completed.

List of paramedical firms supported

  • Hooper Holmes Canada
  • MedAxio Insurance Medical Services
  • Quality Underwriting Services
  • Watermark Insurance Services
  • ExamOne, A Quest Diagnostics Company

To register, simply contact the technical support.


The monthly rental price is calculated according to the volume of applications and is adjusted according to the effective volume every quarter.


Base price: $ 699 / month

Volume adjustment for the first 100 applications: $ 14 / month per application

Volume adjustment in addition to the 101th application: $ 3,50 / month per application


Base price: $ 399 / month

Volume Adjustment: $ 0.70 / month per application

Adjusting disk space: $ 1 per GB / month

Inforce Policy update

A monthly update is included with your rental. Additional update will be billed the month following the CITS files synchronization as follows:

  • FULL Inforce feeds :
    National Account : $ 0.25 / Policy
    MGA: $ 0.10 / Policy
  • Base Policy Foundation feeds
    National Account : $ 0.05 / Policy
    MGA: $ 0.05 / Policy