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AGEman Solutions will invest $ 1.3 million to build the first dual mode back office in Canada

Montreal, February 12, 2016 – President of AGEman Solutions Mr. Nathan Carey announced today that his company will invest $ 1.3 million over the next three years in the development of a Web version of its software AGEman Office.

At the conclusion of this project, AGEman Solutions will be the only manufacturer in Canada providing bimode back-office software able to perform as well in a Windows environment (application) as in a Web environment. Both modes being available simultaneously, this feature will allow agencies to use either or both modes and so they choose the environment that best suits business needs of each of its departments.

For the president of AGEman Solutions, the best way to represent the end result of the project is to make a parallel with the MS Outlook software that exists in dual-mode environment: Windows and Web.

“Outlook is available in installed mode, Windows, Mac OS, as well as WEB. Each version meets different needs and has its advantages. The Web has the advantage of being multiplatform therefore easy to deploy. Software installed in native language has the advantage of offering exceptional performance in terms of productivity. It is for this reason that the network of banks and agencies that use our product run it under Windows platform, and, in my opinion, it is not likely they will change soon! ”

Mr. Carey concluded that “the addition of the Web mode to AGEman Office installed will allow users to enjoy the best of both worlds: performance and portability! Users can access AGEman Office information regardless they are in front of a PC in the office or elsewhere on a tablet or other mobile device. ”

The AGEman portal, offered for fifteen years as a communication interface with advisors remains in its current form, available in web only.

This investment will be used primarily to build the visual interface of the web application that will be connected, as is currently the case for Windows solution to a MS SQL Server database. A team of specialists will be set up in the coming weeks to ensure the development of an interface that is both efficient and user-friendly for its users. This team will be under the supervision of Mr. Carey, who has the ambition to “design a WEB platform with visual appeal and usability out of the ordinary.”

This project is the third phase of an ambitious investment program which began in late 2013 and which aims to strengthen the leadership of AGEman Solutions in the Canadian market. The second phase, which is ongoing, seeks greater automation of processes following treatment of CITS files.

The level of progress of the second phase brought Solutions AGEman to conclude and announce strategic partnerships with CRM application designers (front office) such iGeny and Kronos finance. “By receiving quality data, our partners will help us expand the quantity and quality of these processes.”

About Solutions AGEman

AGEman Solutions is a Canadian leader in design and manufacturing software solutions for distributors and financial advisors. It provides a logical suite of software solutions covering all the needs of individual insurance distributors: management of operations of an agency, web portal for communications agencies / advisors, financial needs analysis and virtual assistant to manage customer relationship development. The company, which operates in the industry for almost 30 years, includes amongst its clients some of the most reputable firms in the Canadian market. Further information is available on the website www.ageman.ca

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