Fit an office in your pocket

by Danny Bradbury Investment Executive

With smartphones becoming ever more powerful, you can adapt certain technologies to create an ultra-portable smartphone-based office that will do a good job of replacing your laptop or desktop most of the time :

Edward Jones to encourage its advisers to text clients

By Alessandra Malito, InvestmentNews Tech

Half of Canadians fear families could not cope without them

By Andrew Rickard, The Insurance & Investment Journal

A study conducted for the BMO Wealth Institute shows that half of Canadians are worried that their deaths would place their families in financial difficulties, and about a quarter say they are “very concerned” that the financial well-being of their family would be in jeopardy. To read more :

Some Industry Stakeholders Foresee a New Era of Super MGAs

By Susan Yellin, The Insurance & Investment Journal
Some of Canada’s largest managing general agencies (MGAs) are growing even bigger, leading some to speculate the country could soon be in store for “super MGAs” that can only be bought out by insurance companies. But many in the industry think advisors’ independent streak will prevent insurers from reverting to their previous stronghold on distribution. Read more at

What Will The Life Insurance Industry Look Like 10 Years From Now?

by Chantal Marr,

President at LSM Insurance

Like much of the financial services industry, the life insurance market is set to radically change within the next 10 years for both buyers and sellers.

The main factor that will contribute to this change is the rise of technology and social media. Already, we’re seeing the effects of social media in North American society today. People are digitally more connected than ever with their family, friends and colleagues.

Solution Info, All you need to know about new development

“Managing general agents must invest in IT systems”

By Mathieu Carbasse, Insurance Journal

There is no shortage of issues that financial advisers will have to face over the next five years. What should their compensation be like? To what kind of regulations will they be subject? How will technology affect their practices? Leaders from insurance companies and managing general agents (MGAs) say that the coming years will see changes in the way financial advisors and MGAs do business.

Canadians feel less prepared for retirement: HSBC

By IE Staff | January 19, 2015 

When it comes to saving for retirement, Canadians feel they weathered global economic downturn better than any other nation, according to a report released by HSBC.

Just 18% of Canadians surveyed feel the economic downturn impacted their ability to save for retirement — the lowest of all markets surveyed, and well below the global average of 26%.