REPman Action

Your virtual assistant to manage and develop your customer relationship!

REPman ACTION is front-office software specialized in customer relationship management (CRM)It has been specially designed to guide the advisor to its business opportunities in lifeinsurance.

Dedicated to financial services, REPman ACTION facilitates the management of the two pillars of the customer relationship: ease customer segmentation and ensure a consistent and automated relationship with each client.

Mailings, reminders, emails, SMS and appointments are integrated. Simply configure your processes according to your service plans so that REPman takes over dynamically.

Contacts and agenda REPman ACTION are also available on smartphones through technologiesCardDAV and CalDAV.

REPman Action has a references module integrated with AGEman OFFICE allowing the agency to assign its orphans cases and prospects to its advisors automatically. When a reference is made ​​by AGEman Office, the advisor receives a SMS directly to his mobile device with customer details.


REPman ACTION is available in 3 versions

•Basic version at $ 49/month 2GB included
PRO version at $ 69/month 5GB included
Assistant version at $ 19/month
*Adjustment $1 for each additional 1GB/month

The major difference between these versions is the sharing of data for teamwork. This feature is available with PRO and Assistant versions.

All versions of REPman ACTION include training, technical support and the REPman NFA software.

Each REPman ACTION connection paid by the advisor to the AGEman OFFICE system generates tothe agency a $ 10 credit per month directly on his statement. It is also possible for the agency to opt for a corporate license.

Corporate rates

Corporate rates are available for agency that consolidates REPman subscriptions of advisors on his monthly statement

At each monthly billing, we apply a discount chart that takes into account the total value of subscriptions REPman, regardless of the product or version.

Learn more with the chart of available discount.

To subscribe

You can choose the plan that suits your needs and the method of payment you want when you first run the software. You first need to download the installer. Then, if you do not have a REPman passport, you will be prompted to create your profile. Once your profile is created, you can choose the package that suits your needs.