The financial needs analysis application that turns compliance into business opportunities!

REPman FNA is a front-office software deploying Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI).

REPman FNA is designed to collect all customer data to produce an individual or joint financial needs analysis. The needs of survivors (life), the living benefits (disability, critical illness, long-term care) and retirement needs are addressed. Refinancing module is also available for the advisors to offer solutions for reconciliation or mortgage refinancing.

One of its distinctive functional characteristic is the fact that it can be used online or offline from theadvisor’s laptop. The advisor can enter in REPman ABF data for analysis even if Internet access is limited or nonexistent.

REPman FNA enables printing of Financial Needs Analysis whose length can vary from 2 to 76 pages. To do this, simply check the desired sections by the client before printing.

The layout is customizable. You can set the print format to include colors, logos and images presentation. In addition, the software provides several predefined templates with themes such as “Retired couple”, “Young Family”, etc.



REPman FNA is available for $39/month

  • $39/month 1GB included
  • Adjustment $1 for each additional 1GB/month

To subscribe

You can choose the plan that suits your needs and the method of payment you want when you first run the software. You first need to download the installer. Then, if you do not have a REPman passport, you will be prompted to create your profile. Once your profile is created, you can choose the package that suits your needs.


First meeting

REPman’s needs analysis: your partner to make a good impression and instigate trust during your first meeting.


You are not alone ! REPman, your virtual assistant works for you.

Business value

To boost your established clientele’s value.

Secure data

You not only have the duty, but also the responsibility to secure your clients’ confidential information.


Would you not like to see the daylight through all that paperwork?

Attention to details

Aren’t you looking forward to getting back on your feet so you can focus on your clients?


Compliance is a mix of processes and common sense!

All in one

The REPman need analysis is more than a compliance tool. It will transform you into a financial one stop shopping!

Quick needs analysis

Did you know you could complete a needs analyses in less than two minutes with REPman’s needs analysis module?

On line or off line

No Internet available at your client……REPman’s needs analysis module works off line!


REPman’s needs analysis module goes one step further when it comes to personalization. It allows contextual personalization!

Technical support

Even if a software is user friendly, at one point or another, you will need help.


You want REPman and REPman’s needs analysis module NOW ? Download it in 5 minutes!

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